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Designing for wellbeing

I’ve been interested in wellbeing for a couple of decades now. Ever since I was a yoga devotee in the relatively early days of it being in Australia in the early-mid 1990s. Certainly well before yoga became mainstream and was held in gyms (!). I can still recall how unknown it was to most people back then. I was interested in yoga and meditation and shiatsu and macrobiotic food and a whole lot of wellbeing-ness that was so ahead of things to come, I had no idea. It’s so interesting to me how we now have cafes with ‘nourish bowls’ and a whole cult of kombucha followers and pickled vegetable fanatics. Japanese people no doubt also find this a fascinating adaptation of what’s been a part of their culture for a veeeeeery long time. Will wellness continue to be of interest in the West? Is it a passing trend that will bore us in 5 year’s time? Continue reading


Can making art help me live longer?

turning potsThere is some research to suggest that, yes it can. Or at least perhaps it could.

In the March/April 2016 edition of Crafts magazine (# 259) there’s a moving article by Andrew Marr titled Why making can be the best medicine. He tells the story of how, after a massive stroke three years ago, he decided to become a maker. Previously he had never regarded himself as an artist. Andrew’s whole professional life had been completely focused on writing and speaking, and yet after this huge assault on his health, he turned to art practice. Interestingly he believes that ‘the urge to make images with lines and colour was always just there’. Continue reading