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The allure of consumerism (& how to deal with the aesthetic power of beautiful things)

japanese cup and tea towel

Pictured: Duetto cup from Kyoto, Japan. Linen tea towel hand printed by me (a squillion years ago)

It’s all around us, everywhere. The design of beautiful things, by clever and skillful people with exquisite materials. The last 12 years of social media have introduced me to a ton of wonderful ways that people are bringing new, to-die-for objects into the world. Things that many of us WANT. The pull of the visual, especially through Instagram over the past 5 years or so has been incredibly powerful.

We’ve all felt it. We scroll through post after post of styled and beautifully lit images, and the pull gets stronger. We convince ourselves we NEED that hand-woven, naturally dyed rug. That skillfully crafted and utterly gorgeous piece of pottery. That pair of funky, fair trade, eco-dyed, Mexican leather shoes. Continue reading


On experiencing art (and not buying stuff)

Bridget Scott

[image: Bridget Scott, Butoh dancer, Kyoto via Eatspeak]

I’ve recently become a minimalist. Plenty of people have advocated the non-consumerist path before but I’m quite taken by the approach of The Minimalists. These guys really walk their talk, and it’s refreshing to read about others who are dedicated to living meaningful lives with less stuff. So I’m consciously reshaping my life to embrace this approach and almost four months in I’ve got to say it feels really good.

Which brings me to art. Continue reading