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Startups, urban psychology, and creative cities

Pictured: the Pinterest office in San Francisco via Stuck in Customs.

Last week an important announcement was made in Sydney that will give a boost to coworking spaces and the freelancers and startups who mostly use them. The NSW Government announced it will make a significant financial contribution to a new startup hub in an 11-storey building above Wynyard Station on York St. Fishburners (I’ve always loved that name), Australia’s largest coworking space and home to hundreds of ‘high impact scalable startups’, will be an important anchor tenant of the new space at Wynyard Station. Others in the mix include Tankstream Labs, The Studio, and Stone & Chalk in what will be space for 2500 creative entrepreneurs.

It all sounds great. And I’m happy for Fishburners who have expanded rapidly since their 30-desk-one-floor-beginning in 2011. For some time now they’ve needed more space than their current (and beautiful) Harris Street space in Ultimo can provide. But if this is going to work for all involved, then some careful attention to how this new spaces is set up will need to happen. More than ‘just’ cash, this about-to-be startup hub will require some clever design thinking about soft infrastructure. If not, the creatives it seeks to attract will not come. Continue reading


Designing the city – how a bowling club became a sustainability focused food destination


Sometimes living in the city can be hard going. It’s noisy, there’s too much light at night, and the traffic can be beyond crazy making. And then, something amazing happens in the midst of all this that changes things. In a good way. Imagine if you will, the idea of a giant vegetable garden and a beautiful restaurant serving its produce landing like a space ship in the middle of a dense, urban and somewhat gritty setting. A mix of residential apartments and light industry. And only a short distance from one of the noisiest, busiest, and dare-I-say ugliest main roads in Sydney.

I’ve just described the wonderful new development that is Camperdown Commons. Continue reading