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kyliebudge_2016_8I’m Kylie Budge and I started this blog to create a place to discuss and showcase art/design/craft in all its dimensions. I did this because I want to help build greater understandings about the value of art in the world. My aim is to be part of the process of making art accessible and part of everyone’s lives.

I have a printmaking background. I lived in Kyoto, Japan for 7 years where I studied how to make traditional Japanese woodblock prints, moku hanga. I learned a lot about creative practice through this experience and blogged about printmaking for many years over here.

I hold a PhD in art, design and education and a Master’s degree in education. I learned a great deal more about art, design and creativity through this kind of study. I currently live in Sydney, Australia and work as a researcher. I have a fascination with how art and design intersects with people and technology, and a particular bent for cultures of making and creativity. I publish in the academic world but want to give back what I know, learn and love about art, design and craft in an open and accessible space: this blog.

But I won’t be doing this alone. You’ll also find guest posts from those who love art, design and craft as much as I do. Together we’ll take you inside the creative world, helping you understand it, and inspiring those who already do.

I hope you enjoy the ride!