Monthly Archives: September 2016

Artist profile: Jackie Ralph

This week’s post is the first artist profile for Art Matters Now (hooray!). It features an artist I’ve known for almost 20 years. I first met Jackie Ralph in Tokyo, Japan, and later we became neighbours while living in Kyoto. Back then she was painting canvasses with giant sized blue sumo wrestlers in the most beautiful way you can imagine. I have a small one in my home, a gift from Jackie that makes my heart sing. So it is with much delight that I share Jackie’s thoughts on why art matters. Continue reading


Data art: weather bracelets and the like


I’d heard about the Weather Bracelet via @louisedenoon on Instagram before seeing it for real recently. Immediately I was intrigued. Mitchell Whitelaw’s 3D printed work is constructed using climate data collected in Canberra between July 2008-2009. He explains, ‘the outer rim of the bracelet shows daily maximum and minimum temperatures; the holes show weekly rainfall.’ To view beautiful clear images of the bracelet check out his blog where you’ll find lots of intriguing detail about process.

I was able to see the bracelet recently as part of Out of Hand: Materialising the Digital, a new exhibition showing at the Powerhouse Museum, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney.  Continue reading


The architecture of bathing


Sento. Woodblock print by Kylie Budge.

When you think about public architecture chances are you will think of outdoor parks and spaces, monuments and perhaps even landscape architecture. But would you think about the humble bathroom? Perhaps not. And yet through large periods of history in particular cultures architecture was intimately (pardon the pun) connected to baths and the act of bathing. Continue reading