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What motivates people to create art/design?


The contribution artists and designers make to the world is felt from the everyday (think for a moment about the design of the chair you’re sitting on as you read this or the shape and design of the electronic device you are holding to do so) to the rare and spectacular (consider the work of sand artists or extraordinary architectural feats such as the Flatiron Building in NY). What would our world be like without this phenomenal motivation to create? Continue reading


Why art matters

IMG_3789We live in times where a great tension exists. It’s true – people in much of the world appreciate the products and outcomes associated with art and design. Who doesn’t love beautifully designed visuals appearing on the screens of our electronic devices, the power of a transformational work of art, the soaring intensity of viewing a space of architectural integrity and genius? Yet, the value of art and design is questioned almost continuously. Continue reading